1. renaissance-art:

    Details from Botticelli’s Birth of Venus

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  4. whorchacha:

    Scott Pilgrim VS The World
    Edgar Wright 2010

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  5. arpeggia:

    Bradbury Thompson - Westvaco books, c.1940s-1950’s

    "Bradbury Thompson was truly a master of almost every aspect of the design profession. He studied printing production, was an art director for Mademoiselle magazine, designed books, pushed the boundaries of conventional typography and taught design at Yale University. He designed 60+ issues of Westvaco Inspirations for the Westvaco Paper Corporation. His designs reached thousands of designers, printers and typographers." [Design Is History]

  7. oldbooklover: The Europeans by Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1955, with a cover designed by Joan Miró

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  8. champsm:

    Klimt inspired graffiti in Syria.

  9. favorite art movements: Post-Impressionism

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  10. sophialorens:

    Favourite Artists: John William Waterhouse

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  11. lilacsinthedooryard:

    Mark Rothko by Milton Avery


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  12. fashion1930s:

    Woman as lily

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  13. yolandart:

    August Babberger. 'Bildausschnitt', 1928.

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  14. 1000drawings:

    by Grant Snider

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